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Key Fobs, Radios, tuning and so much more!

Here is just a sample of the digital services that we have in house:

  • Key Fobs
  • Radio & Speaker Calibration
  • ABS Bleeding & Solenoid Testing
  • Read & Clear DTCs
  • Reset Air Fuel Value
  • Adjust Idle RPM
  • Active Tests (Tachometer, Speedometer, Fuel Pump, Idle RPM, System Relay, Cooling Fan, Alarm, IAC, ACR Compression, Injector Coils, Coolant Pump, Left & Right Turn Signals)
  • LED Indicators (6th Gear, ABS Service, Battery, Check Engine, Cruise Control, High Beam, Low Fuel, Neutral, Oil, Security, Coolant Temp.)
  • View Real-time data in Strip Chart or Digital Dashboard Format
  • And so much more…

WORDS OF CAUTION: Do you have an existing manufacturers warranty on your motorcycle?
Most of our work does not void any warranties but no two contracts are alike! So be sure to let us know BEFORE anything is done on your bikes computer!

Bikers Tools wants to ensure a strong and healthy long term relationship with all of our customers.

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